The Contest



The European HALLYU AWARD will be granted in the follwoing categories SOLO, DUO and GROUP. Besides the special designed HALLYU AWARD the first three places in each category will be receiving price money which sums up to 2.000 Euro. Every participant also receives a personal certificate. The first in each category will also secure their participation at the upcoming European HALLYU AWARD.

And last, but not least... every participant has the chance to receive the AUDIENCE CHOICE award which will be voted only by the audience. So don't forget to bring all your friends and family to support you.

Price Money

1st Place 350,00 Euro
2nd Place 250,00 Euro
3rd Place 200,00 Euro
1st Place 200,00 Euro
2nd Place 150,00 Euro
3rd Place 125,00 Euro
1st Place 125,00 Euro
2nd Place 100,00 Euro
3rd Place 75,00 Euro

Assessment Criteria

The assessment will be done by the judges and follows these criteria.

Presentation Are make-up and outfits true to original?
Synchronicity Is the performance synchronous and on beat?
Expression How emotionial is the performance?
Technique How is execution and motion sequence?

Contest Rules

  1. The contest takes place in 3 different categories: SOLO (1 dancer), DUO (2 dancers) and GROUP (3 dancers and more)
  2. The registration can only be completed by a person of legal age or it's parent.
  3. You can only dance to songs from korean artists (known as KPop).
    Other genres are not accepted in this contest.
  4. The expert panel judges the choreography and decides the winners.
  5. The AUDIENCE CHOICE award is decided only by the votes of the audience.
  6. Every competition number can only dance one choreography. Remixes and freestyle are not allowed.
  7. You can register for more than one category, as long as you dance different choreographies.
  8. The choreography can be different from the original, but it could result in devaluation.
  9. There will be no penalty or devaluation if the line-up is different from the original line-up.
  10. The use of props is allowed as long as they are part of the choreography.
  11. It is possible to change the line-up of the group after registration.
  12. It is possible to switch dancers after a positive application for free.
  13. Cancellation and refund of single dancers is not possible after a positive application.
  14. Every contestant receives a performance slot from the organizer.
    Contestants can not change slots with other participants. If they do they can be disqualified.
  15. Participants that do not perform in their designated slot are automatically disqualified.
  16. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify contestans before or during the contest.
    Especially when there is manipulation of the rules or the contest.
  17. The organizer has the right to close the application process at any time.